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The dream is big... the tasks are small.

Meet Stacy

Author’s Mojo & Author’s Mojo Academy was founded by Stacy Sowers, a native West Virginian and tech-geek.

After a long career spanning over twenty years in technology with companies across the United States, from Fortune 500’s to small local non-profits – the majority of that spent in website development and design – Stacy pursued her lifelong dream of publishing.

But she found a great need in the indie-author community…

One she was uniquely qualified to help with.

Now, Stacy spends her time writing under several pen-names as well as helping many in the indie-author community with bringing their books to the world.

She's an author... just like you.

With almost two-dozen books published in both fiction and non-fiction, covering multiple genres, Stacy understands the needs of authors in bringing their stories to the world.

She's a Tech Geek

With over 20-years experience in the tech industry, covering everything from website development to security analysis and performance, I know what authors need, and exactly how to do it.

She Makes Learning Easy

Stacy spent years teaching tech, marketing, and project management in the corporate sector. Breaking down concepts to make them easy and ending the overwhelm is her specialty.
I wasn't alone

"In those moments when I was at a loss (and there will always be those moments), I knew I wasn't alone. I didn't even have to figure out who to turn to for guidance, because Stacy was right there. In fact, she often answered my questions before I even thought to ask them."


Diane Lewis

Cozy Mystery Author
All the writerly stuff actually fit our realities

"EVERY WRITER can benefit from this kind of industry-specific information, compassionate examination of styles and ways to overcome obstacles, and generous emotional and realistic support. Stacy's encouragement to be real about our lives and ourselves helps all the writerly stuff actually fit our realities."


Barbara Snow

Huge (and repeatable) Growth!

If there's anything I can say about working with Stacy is that she helped me develop a system with my publishing that has given me huge (and repeatable) growth. I took a chance on a new genre and method of publishing, and I've had more fun and made more money than I did in the previous 5 years combined. She's a genuine treasure!


EF Jamison

Paranormal Romance Author
I cringed at the term "outsourcing,"

"I write fiction, but I've lived my life like a do-it-yourself book. I cringed at the term "outsourcing," and the very idea of paying someone (like a coach or mentor) to tell me what to do would set off a nervous tic. That started to change when I committed to follow my dream of becoming an author. The volume of things I needed to learn seemed overwhelming, but I was fortunate enough to find Stacy Sowers. I quickly came to trust Stacy's expertise in all areas of Indie publishing. And beyond that, I trust her intention and her commitment to my success. She's also one of the rare people who can tell me what to do in a way that doesn't trigger that nervous tic."


Diane Lewis

Cozy Mystery Author
Get her on your team!

"Stacy is our backbone. if we are lost she sends us in the right direction. If we just don't have time, she does [tech services] for us. Get her on your team, she's worth every penny. Not only did she keep me laughing as she taught me how to write, schedule and post blog posts, she's an amazing person on top of that."


Alex Andersen

My go-to resource for all my author issues!

"Whenever I've been convinced that some author goal was impossible (for me) to achieve, Stacy has simply said, "Sure you can, and here's how." She's never offered false hope. She offers encouragement, a solid plan, and a gentle but unwavering voice of accountability. She's an author (of both fiction and non-fiction), a coach, and a genius at tech. Not only is Stacy my go-to resource for all my author issues, she's a delight and an inspiration to work with."


E. J. Shelley


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